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Tag : second amendment

Producer Norm Novitsky Urges Public to Really Learn About the Bill of Rights

(LOS ANGELES, CA) – Film producer and director Norm Novitsky, who is currently working on a feature film entitled In Search of Liberty about the U.S. Constitution, is urging the public to learn more about the Bill of Rights and recommended a list of online sources. Novitsky stated, “We have a lot of dialogue and controversies going on today about some of the issues contained in the Bill of Rights.  One example is the Sandy Hook tragedy and the response of […]

Producer Announces Development of Feature Film on U.S. Constitution

(LOS ANGELES, CA) – Film producer and director Norm Novitsky has announced the development of In Search of Liberty, a new feature film on the U.S. Constitution.  The movie tells the story of a family that gets taken on a series of adventures by a charming statesman from America’s past.  Using logic, humor and magic, he opens their eyes to the origins and importance of the Constitution, why it is currently under attack and what can be done to save […]