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The Election

Hello all,

Yesterdays’ election results were just another battle, but by no account is the war over or are our conservative and libertarian principles and morals defeated.

We the peopleThe strength of a nation is reflected in how its governing body follows its codified principles and governing guidelines as expressed in its constitution.

We are not “governed”, we are serviced by the representatives we place into office to govern.

And where its citizens, “WE THE PEOPLE”, are not serviced well – where our freedom, our liberty, our prosperity and security is not serviced to the best of our interest, we find and place in position those who will fulfill that duty.

Weakness is a disease, a condition invested in malfunction. Lack of education is a disease. Lack of familiarity with our constitution is the weakness. Our cure is familiarizing and educating our citizens, young and old with our U.S. Constitution.

Now, not unlike our founding fathers’ past, we embark upon new battles to protect and secure our freedom, and liberty. Our resolve is the U.S. Constitution.

A new film on the U.S. Constitution, called IN SEARCH OF LIBERTY, soon to be produced and distributed, will be one of the pillars supporting the integrity and longevity of our Constitution. It will wake people up and give them new hope and strength.

And by the ill affects to many, created by yesterdays’ election results, this film will be one of the medicinal ingredients to restore and energize folks and cure the disease.

But we need help, support and participation, and are asking you to get involved, we can win battles and the war.

Please visit our website and then if you want find out more about how you can get involved in the project and how we can work together to bring back a bright future for America, contact me through the Contact page.

With best regards,

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