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Fourth Amendment Now More Important Than Ever Says Filmmaker Norm Novitsky

The Fourth Amendment has been making headlines all June. But one filmmaker seeks to prove that as technology changes, our constitution shouldn’t. In the wake of the NSA scandal and the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on DNA evidence, the importance of the Fourth Amendment is making national headlines. The Supreme Court ruled that taking DNA samples of anyone arrested – regardless of guilt – was “constitutional” and did not violate “unreasonable search and seizure.” Concurrently, The Guardian revealed that the […]

Producer Norm Novitsky Recommends List of Sources of Study on U.S. Constitution

(LOS ANGELES, CA) – Film producer and director Norm Novitsky, who is currently working on a feature film entitled In Search of Liberty about the U.S. Constitution, is urging the public to study about the Constitution using books and online sources. He says, “Unfortunately today schools don’t teach much about the Constitution any more. And so people don’t realize that the Founding Fathers were extremely well educated men, who thoroughly studied history and how different governmental systems had worked in the […]